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Gibson Ridge Farm is a family operation run by the two of us, keeping in mind the importance of agricultural impact on the environment.  We started out originally raising chickens on pasture and were certified organic. After washing thousands of eggs by hand we wanted a better way so we asked around and a retired lady farmer offered us her machine. After washing eggs with her egg washer for a while, it occurred to us that there must be lots of other farmers hand washing eggs who would appreciate a machine to help their work go faster.

 It took us a couple of years of working with a machine shop to redesign our portable egg washer to work with the modern materials available to us. Once we accomplished that we had 10 portable egg washers made and offered them in the APPPA newsletter. We have now sold close to 350 portable egg washers. We have this web site but we also sell lots of portable egg washers by word of mouth (thanks to all of  you).  We even put a video on You Tube https://www.youtube.com/results?search_query=portable+egg+washer (Greg is the guy in the red and blue flannel shirt) demonstrating how the machine works.  Several of our customers have also put videos there.  Some showing their children working with the machine.

Machine Description


Our portable egg washer is only 18 pounds add the motor at 15 pounds, makes a total of 33 pounds. 

WET WASH -  meaning water is flowing into the egg water and then drops down onto the eggs and brush which scrubs the eggs as they pass through the portable egg washer.  The eggs are never immersed in water

SINK TOP  -  Our portable egg washer can easily be used at your sink by balancing it over a sink with a water source. Connect the water hose to a sink. The drain hole in the bottom of the machine will allow the used water to escape.



Our portable egg washer is designed to handle washing eggs for a flock of up to 2,500 to 3,000 chickens.

Our portable egg washer is capable of washing 28 eggs a minute and up to 1,680 eggs an hour.

The case is made of aluminum, both sides come off for easy cleaning and inspection and the housing over the belts is also removable when you need to replace the belts in the future.


System Design

Wet wash non-immerson


24" long x 21" high x 8" wide

Manufactured and Assembled in The United States of America

Energy Requirement

115 Volt, 60 Hertz, 110 Outlet


Portable egg washer alone 17.8 pounds

Motor 15.25 pounds

Combined weight 33.05 pounds

Water source

Regular sink faucet fitting using water at 120 degrees Fahrenheit

Price List

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 Hi Greg and Gerry

     I'm glad you are making your egg washer more available.  I would  really detest eggs by now without it!  Mine has saved me countless hours of standing at the sink washing eggs.  Washing eggs is just plain boring.  Using the egg washer and trying to keep up with how fast the eggs go in while removing them with the other hand is quite  entertaining.  It doesn't take long to get a good routine going, but I admit that we have had a few Funniest Home Video moments when someone gets interrupted while they are washing and totally forgets to remove the washed eggs!  Since the machine constantly is asking for more eggs, it keeps the process moving.  Occasionally, one will come out  dirty, so it goes back in for another trip through.  There is no  question it is much faster than washing eggs by hand.

     Thanks again for bringing back a wonderful time saver.

Deanna Child, Flatrock  

The  egg washer is the greatest thing to have hit the farm!!! The 9 & 4  year old fight over who gets to catch and who feeds the eggs thru, they love using it and so far the only breakage has come from us!  This has saved us so much time!  Thank you so much for everything.  This washer is easy to use and does a great job cleaning, and the best part is the clean up of the washer only takes a few minutes.  The first run we made we should have set up a camera and video tapes.  I think we could have won Americas Funniest Videos, once you get the hang of it, it only takes a little bit to get done for the night.  Thanks again, this has really helped us and the kids love helping with it - they have always really liked working with the chickens but the packing part only held their attention for so long then they were off playing, now they are in there for the long haul!

Christy Duling
Ashland, VA 



It’s a little “ripper”      (which in Australian means it is very good)

No funniest home video moments (yet).  Thanks for resurrecting and producing such a great machine.  It makes egg cleaning fun (to start with anyway).

Hope all is well with you.

     Regards Garth



Most other comments from the men "Works great, thanks." 

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