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Gibson Ridge Farm Portable Egg Washer
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The Gibson Ridge Portable Egg washer is a reproduction of one made back in the 1950's by a small Ohio company.  Although they are no longer in business, we adapted their design to manufacture an egg washer to assist small and medium size egg producers.  

 Wet Wash Design

This Egg Washer is a wet wash, meaning that water is flowing into the egg washer and then drops down onto the eggs and brush which scrubs the eggs as they pass through the washer.

 Sink Top

Place the Gibson Ridge Egg Washer over your sink with a water source and plug it into any outlet.  Connect the water hose to a sink facet and a drain cut in the bottom of the egg washer to allow the used water to flow away.

 The Brush

The brush inside is turned by the motor,  that is also turning an auger.  The auger feeds the eggs through the machine and turns them at the same time so they are washed and brushed on all sides before coming out of the egg washer. 

                                                    Price $1,875.00

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